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Filming In Asia?

Local Knowledge, Experience and Contacts are Key! 

Phangna Bay Thailand Filming
Island FilmingThailand
Angkor Wat Filmng Cambodia
Mountain Landscape Filming Laos

We are the  leading support company for international film production crews working in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Over the past 20 years we have worked with many of the worlds most renowned film makers and broadcasters to deliver a wide range of content from within our region of operations. 

We specialize in providing cost effective and reliable research, recce’s, government liaison, filming permits, logistics, casting, recruitment, equipment hire  and general location management services to our clients. No job is too big or too small. 

We have developed a reputation within the industry for our knowledge, experience and our ability to cost effectively achieve successful outcomes for our clients and have successfully fixed over 150 productions with international crews including films commissioned by Netflix, Warner Brothers, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC 4 , Childrens BBC, CTV Canada, ITV, TV New Zealand and ABC Australia among others. Our extensive experience in all areas of fixing and location management ensures that we know how to take care of the myriad peripheral matters related to filming within our region, so that your crew can focus their full attention on the production job at hand.

Mick, Yuta and their team were amazing to work with – they had everything covered at every turn and were able to adapt brilliantly to any lastminute changes or curve balls we threw at them, always presenting solutions rather than problems. I can highly recommend their service.

Ed Charles Silverback Films, Producer of BBC Landmark Series: “Planet Earth II” and “Perfect Planet”

When filming in South East Asia, local knowledge, experience, contacts and sheer determination are keys to success. The team at Southeast Asia Film Fixers possess exceptional depth in all of these areas and more. Contact us to discuss your project today.  

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