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Production Services:

We deliver more than permits and qualified experienced fixers. The list of production services we provide is a long one since every shoot is unique and presents new challenges where our team is best placed to implement solutions. We see it as our responsibility to work with producers to 'fill in the gaps' for every production we work with and to help shoots achieve the best possible results within available budgets. The list below covers some of the core areas we provide assistance with including: recruitment, set construction, recces and research, translation services, logistics, government liais0n, and catering, however it is by no means an exhaustive list, Contact us with your unique requests or requirements today and well help you find a way forward for your shoot.

Film Recruitment:

While fixing over 60 different shoots in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos over the past 20 years we have developed an outstanding talent network of human resources covering the full scope of film production works within the region.

Whether you want construction teams, technicians, cast, crew or access specialists, chances are we will already have people in country or in our region who can fill the post effectively and at a significant cost saving. Contact us to discuss your recruitment requirements today.



Over the years, we have arranged logistics for film shoots ranging from glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau to the roiling rivers of Borneo. We have provided film crews with access to some of the longest river caves on earth, in accessible tree top canopies and explored hundreds of kilometers of river systems that were previously unexplored. We completed the first full exploration and navigation of the Mighty Mekong river system from source to sea in 2004 and facilitated dozens of first ever filming events within the region. Where ever you wish to go within our region, we have the experience and logistical expertise to take your team and equipment there for filming.

Set Construction:


We have extensive project management experience ranging from custom designing and building complex wildlife sets to constructing full size modular homes and even a large yacht. Set construction costs within our region are generally a fraction of the cost of other countries and with recruitment, procurement and competent set project management taken care of by our team, you can focus more time more effectively on other areas.



A poorly fed crew, is a grumpy crew, and grumpy crews don’t perform at their best! Fortunately, good food within our regions of operation is inexpensive and we have catering crews available who can provide great menus to suite any crews tastes.

Recce’s and Research:


There’s limits to the amount of effective research that can be completed online or by phone. Yet undertaking long haul flights to seek out reliable answers to critical questions is often not the most cost or time effective solution. Particularly if your have team members with an abundance of film making experience already in country and able to efficiently seek out the answers in local lingo. We have assisted dozens of productions with research and recces saving them time, budget and a range of other issues that can arise from not having boots on the ground throughout the research and planning phase of a production.

Translation Services:


Members of our team speak Thai, Lao, Khmer, Chinese and English and we provide competent translation services for our clients for these languages.

In House Production Equipment Rental.

We have a range of in house equipment for rental including the following items as listed. If something you require is not on our list, chances are we can find it for you within our region through our established network, so drop us a line if your in need of something.

·        V Lock Panel Lights 1000 Watt Panel Lights

·        GH4 With Miller Tripod and Micro 4/3 Lenses to 300mm

·        Phantom 3 Professional Drone

·        Inverter Generators: 2KW – 20Kw

·        Remote Camping Equipment for up to 40 people

·        Scaffolding

·        Full Set Construction Tool Kit (Drills, Cutting Saw’s, Generators, Nail Guns, Compressors etc)

·        Inflatable Aquatic Filming Platforms 2M x 10M (Stable and great for filming on lakes and rivers)

·        4 x 4 Cast and Crew Vehicles

·        Mini Vans

.        Catering Equipment for crews up to 50 people.

.        Luxury Catamaran Filming yacht 63 ft 


Filming and Live Broadcast Equipment Hire:

We have developed a good working relationship with several of the regions best filming equipment, drone operators and live broadcast providers. Sourcing equipment and technicians regionally can free up production funds for other critical areas without compromising a shoot.  Once we know your requirements well be happy to connect you to the right specialists. 

Government Liaison:


Getting government officials and departments to support film shoots can be an art form. In many cases, teams have contacted us because they were informed (Often travel companies with negligible filming experience) that its not possible to do something, however we were able to turn things around due to our experience and contacts. As long as the intent of a film is not to paint a nation, its culture, religion or its government leadership in a ‘negative light’ its almost always possible to get official permission to film.

Useful Links:

8Adventures Chiang Mai: These guys possess a wide range of access skills and equipment. Whether it's setting up a filming platform in a treetop canopy, or accessing remote regions by white water raft or ATV 8Adventures have the skills and gear to get the job done

Stimulus Yacht Charters: MV Stimulus is a 63ft Motor catamaran stationed at Ocean Marina Pattaya providing full team filming access throughout the gulf of Thailand and Cambodia. She sleeps up to 12 in Air conditioned Cabins which is ideal for multi day remote area film work. She is a remarkably steady filming platform with a huge flat roof area for launching and landing drones as well as Ciniflex or Crane mounting points forward and  aft. Whether your filming Brydes whales, Whale Sharks or reef species, Stimulus can provide access for a crew of up to 12 for remote multi day film shoots.

Herpetology Website: This is a great site for researchers producing risk assessments for filming in natural settings in Thailand. It provides a wide range of information on Thailand's Snakes including risks and avoidance measures. The vast majority of Thailand's snakes are also found in Laos and Cambodia

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